Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A post a last

It's been several months since I last blogged, so much has been going on in my life not art related unfortunately but on a positive note I have produced a few small pieces that are now in my local gallery,
I'm switching to acrylics to produce these

Friday, 31 July 2015

A troubled path

Its been quite a while since i finished the chapel ceiling restoration project, that was my last post,since then i have been trying to get back to the easel to produce some fresh new work, well that was the intention instead it was like hitting a brick wall i just couldn't get the creative juices going again no matter how hard i tried, i didn't realise how much the last 8 months had taken its toll,
i tried many times to get back into the studio to no avail, In desperation i confided in a colleague about my predicament and she kindly purchased a book from Amazon by an American artist Carol Marine who had experienced the same creative block and had found a solution by completing small paintings in a day and called her book 'Dailey Painting',
It was quite refreshing to read , and nice to know that i'm not the only one, indeed i saw myself i much of her writing,
I am happy to report that, its worked all be it slowly, but im back working on some small pieces,
i shall post some pictures in the next blog

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Chapel ceiling project completed

Just before Christmas I finally wrapped up the restoration project, and I can honestly say that it turned out to be a very interesting and successful conclusion , i do have some extras to do in the form if gold leaf to do
Here is a small portfolio of images

Monday, 20 October 2014

Chapel Ceiling

Been quite a while since I gave an update, basically the last few weeks has been busy doing all the preparation work on the stenciled plaster border,
Stabilizing all the cracked and blown plaster, which needed to be done before any painting could begin,
Last Friday we took delivery of the Oil bound Distemper, and tried the colours out on a few test areas, pleased to report the colours are spot on and from today the under painting of the large plaster repair has begun,
I will continue with this over the next two days 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumn nip

September is rolling on , and unfortunately I'm stuck inside restoring a chapel ceiling, still I do get to appreciate the lovely weather we are having at the moment watching the subtle hues of ochre and Naples yellow taking hold of the Dap green foliage,
The hedgerows are still full of fruit, an observation by some of our older members of our community is it's a sign of a hard winter to come, we shall see eh!!
I'm eager to get out with my sketchbook and camera to capture some inspirational images, 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Chapel Ceiling

Making good progress cleaning the ceiling I'm about half way across, it's quite a job to be honest, with 5 different processes , hoping to get the majority done by next Wednesdays site meeting with the architect,
Monday i shall be contacting the specialist paint suppliers in London to liaise with them regarding colour matching,
Tomorrow I shall be doing some stencil trials to get my technique sorted on how I'm going to approach restoring some of the delicate leaf design 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Chapel ceiling

Well I am just getting into working on site at possibly my largest commission to date, working on restoring this amazing painted ceiling , I didn't realize how large the area was until I got up on the scaffold, which in itself is a work of art, I take my hat off to them , it's erected at a perfect working Height and a complete coverage of all the working area, reassuring when you are 60ft above the pews!!
Initially I will be cleaning the whole ceiling area while the moulding contractors manufacture replacement moulding for a large area in the east corner which should take approximately a month, 
Once I have the ceiling cleaned I will them move on to tracing some of the stenciling to be repaired and restored,
Paint samples will be sent off to a specialist conservation paint suppliers in London for colour matching